Rodent control improves the environment in which you live.

disinfestazione-ambientiThe intervention of rodent control should be commensurate with the bio-ethological pest characteristics, must examine the environmental aspects and take into account the economic and business aspects so that the results are consistent with expectations. The danger of the onset of resistance and the inability to adopt a timetable to fight mandating continuous updating of products, technologies and application methods and the adoption of integrated pest management techniques for the prophylaxis, prevention and maintenance health premises. At first it is not possible to indicate the duration of a complete plan of rodent control; it is certain that you can not solve the problem with a single or few and sporadic interventions. And even when the intervention of the initial remediation has comforting effects, the results can only be considered fully satisfactory if it will be confirmed by periodic checks which highlight the infestation maintained below the critical threshold. In planning interventions should consider the many variables that can affect the final result. Among the most important changes we must consider that often rats and mice mark traps and baits to inform their similar thus making ineffective the disinfestation operation. Furthermore, even if the data are very mixed, it is seen that even among the rodents it is possible the appearance of phenomena of resistance to rodenticides used with continuity in the same environment. The principle of the calendar struggle is absolutely impractical when intervention periods vary from year to year: to properly set the fight means to take account of consumed bait, food preferences of the colony as well as the fertility of the population.

disinfestazione-liguria-genovaGuidelines of proper pest control

Search for traces (excrements, rosicchiamenti, fingerprints, etc.); search of nesting points for predicting the movement and distribution of the infestation; creating floor plans to identify the points where to apply the fight; involvement of staff to eliminate actions that facilitate the re-entry of mice and rats, are key aspects of a rodent control operation. The inspection must include the external environments (source of infestation).


Mice and rats are carriers of infectious diseases and often cause damage to infrastructure. health and economic reasons make it essential monitoring and rodent control.


The creation and the concentration of industrial areas in the peripheral areas of a city, the presence of degraded areas, the construction of landfills, the areas occupied by rubble, are booster situations for rats and mice.


The best result in environmental remediation is achieved only by applying professionalism and good knowledge of the organism target the fight involves using specific biocides.

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