A concrete response to environmental hygiene problems!

We intervene quickly and with highly specialized personnel in compliance with safety procedures and environmentally friendly products.

Planning an intervention must take account of ecological aspects and impact on the environment and therefore can not be separated from the application of integrated pest management, eco-friendly.

An ethical company, for a better quality of life!
Always Ligur Control cares about the environment and its preservation.


Our Services

Bed bugs

The company’s engineers have specific entomological knowledge and a proven field experience as well as proven scientific methods, contact us to arrange inspection visits

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Rodent Control

At first it is not possible to indicate the duration of a complete plan of rodent control; it is certain that you can not solve the problem with a single or few and sporadic interventions.

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Il metodo è utilizzato per la disinfestazione dei parassiti degli edifici (fumigazione strutturale), di luoghi chiusi o del terreno. Quando vengono utilizzati all’interno di locali (magazzini, mulini…

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Pest Control

The disinfestation is defined generically as the set of operations aimed at eliminating, or at least the limitation, of…

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Cleaning tanks and cisterns

Ligur Contorl offers a complete service for cleaning, tanks and cisterns, implemented by highly qualified personnel according to the regulations …

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Water analysis

L’acqua viene sottoposta ad analisi igienico-sanitarie : per poter accertarsi della potabilità della suddettasecodo i parametri stabiliti , nel caso che le analisi palesino che le caratterisitche…

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Meter reading

Our company is ready to complete the services offered, even by offering accounting and distribution of consumption giving users a professional service to 360 ° …

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Per disinfezione si intende qualunque manovra o fenomeno che porta all’eliminazione dei microrganismi patogeni dall’ambiente e da veicoli, impedendo così la trasmissione…

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