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Our company deals with environmental sanitization: pest control, disinfection, pest control and containers fumigation, the products used are registered at the Ministry of Health. We employ only the latest equipment, to give top service. We guarantee services and supplies for public and private institutions, food industries, communities and nursing homes, retirement homes, hotels and restaurants, property administrators.
Rodent control effected by placement of bait dispensers of plastic material and openable only with a special key. Maximum safety for children and pets as required by Ministerial Decree 02/2012 on the prohibition on the use of bait or poisoned baits.

Our Mission

  • Ensuring high-quality services making use of innovative techniques and procedures in compliance with national and European laws on hygiene and health security.
  • Adopting ethical principles in relation to persons and the environment Corporate Social Responsibility, Ligur Control is committed to an eco-sustainable strategy for the benefit of the user and the environment.
  • Prevent and control pests becoming a landmark in the area, make sure that from the first survey to single out what techniques and methods to be taken to neutralize the pest to be eliminated, and to intervene in any environment both private and public entities, companies food and other industries.

Professional interventions for any kind of disinfection in Genoa and Province.

The disinfection is intended to remove any insect could jeopardize our health or even harass our days. For this Ligur Control prepares interventions disinfestation:

  • Apartments
  • Condos
  • Villas and Gardens

Our services are also aimed at small, medium and large enterprises. In particular, we perform actions and plans of disinfection at:

  • Industrial installations
  • Food Industries
  • Hotels
  • Bars and Restaurants
  • Stores and Shopping Malls
  • Offices

The disinfestation is necessary in all the community such as, for example,

  • Schools
  • Parishes and Religious Institutions
  • Sports and Wellness centers

In some cases it is a requirement of the law while in others it is common sense that drives us to act to avoid the presence of pests where many people gathered.

Students and public employees must be able to carry on activities in protected hygienically. Our operational network ensures immediate and planned action based on a great experience in the sector. Technicians and skilled operations staff ensures that nothing is entrusted to casoe, each intervention and supported by a deep knowledge of pests to be eliminated.

The guarantee provided by our company is based on thousands of interventions that have proved decisive to 100%. The main and fundamental guarantee that we provide is to make available to them all that is currently available scientifically to combat any insect or parasite, in respect of health and environment.

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