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Ligur Control: the best solution for your problems!

Ligur Control starts with the intention to provide a concrete answer to environmental hygiene problems and the fight against insects or other pests, both in civil and industrial sectors.

The products used are all licensed by the Ministry of Health, the executive part of the work is entrusted to specialized operators with over ten years experience in the operations of Pest control. The operators are all fitted with patents for the use of sanitary belonging principals the 1st and 2nd class.

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We intervene quickly and with highly specialized personnel in compliance with safety procedures and environmentally friendly products.

Ligur Control: a concrete response to environmental hygiene problems!

Assure an effective, fast and decisive service, both in civil and industrial sectors, respecting the environment and regulations!


Our interventions


The success of a treatment depends on the following factors:     

  • There may be certain pre-existing conditions that do not allow the use of an adequate monitoring technique.     
  • The will expressed by the treatment of the applicant not to use the quantity and frequency adequate to eliminate the pest.     
  • The weather conditions were not suitable at the time of the application.     
  • A type of pest unsuitable intervention.     
  • Technical limitations of the used insecticide.     
  • The little knowledge and expertise of the technicians.

Flies, mosquitoes, wasps, ants, beetles and cockroaches, fleas, ticks, and of course mice and rats. Our pest control company being very professional, also he knows the other pests and know how will treat as well as possible. Because we provide also anti worm treatments, anti fleas and antibacterial sanitizing.


All our products are registered and checked. Thanks to the high professionalism of our technicians these products are used with all necessary precautions going to virtually zero risk.

In order to perform disinfection, involving the use of products classified as a biocide, it is necessary that an undertaking is previously registered in the Provincial Register, set up at any Chamber of Commerce, declaring and documenting the existence of the requirements services, They are divided into three groups: integrity, economic and financial capacity and technical and organizational skills. Without going into the merits of greater guarantees of effectiveness of a service carried out by a company organized and equipped with professional experience in the sector, it should be noted that there are certain minimum legal requirements and good practice from which we can not ignore, wanting rule to operate in a community, in the specific:

1. Use by CE equipment and formulated authorized by the Ministry of Health and by applicable laws as Regional.

2. Compliance with the standards of safety, both for the operator, who must be provided with appropriate personal protective equipment, and for other members of the community, which should be warned by appropriate warning signs of intervention dates and formulations used, whose technical and safety data sheets must be available to anyone who requests it.

3. Possession of insurance RCT in order to protect the building from damage that may be caused by the execution of the services.

4. Disposal according to the law of used products (baits, formulations etc.) Containers which can not be simply thrown in the black bag, but they must be taken to an authorized waste contractor, worth any administrative sanctions.

It’s difficult to determine with precision an average cost, as seprate varies depending on the surface to be treated, and on pest with which you have to interact. Cost can give other basic information: for example when it comes to rodent control is always lower than the customer thinks. The costs of DIY, first lower rarely do not generate a total direct expenses or indirect higher than the service provided by an expert. Those of us who have invested in the latest technology, in order to ensure processing, ensuring continuous improvement and increased ability to intervene produces costs that may seem higher, but certainly adequate for the type of intervention that we pay.

Why choose us?

We guarantee a professional, effective and fast service. Our operators are highly skilled and will always know how to act depending on the pest to delete, acting in respect of the laws and the environment, with advanced machinery with products tested and non-invasive. We guarantee a service of the whole region with the highest standards in circulation.

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